We are on a mission to break the “traditional” consulting mold.

We don’t carry a “traditional” bench. That means we will never force-fit a consultant because they are available. Our consultants will always align with your project requirements, not our bottom line.


Established in 1998, Benmar is a boutique consulting firm that is HUB Certified and headquartered in Texas, United States. Benmar was founded by ex big four consultants with the idea of providing exceptional services in true partnership ensuring 100% success in every project they take on. They have developed partnerships with top companies across all industries and deep relationships with many Industry consultants around the globe.

Benmar Group is a fast-growing next-generation consulting firm that provides guidance and consulting to ensure client success. Benmar Group uses a robust recruitment approach and our core values are   

▪ Integrity                     
▪ Customer Focus                     
▪ Excellence                 
▪ Knowledge Transfer


Our mission is to assist customers achieve their strategic goals by enabling them to implement business practices and technology solutions. To work with our clients as an extension of their business and IT functions.


Benmar offers consulting and staffing services to various clients across diverse industries. We are capable of providing management consulting, Enterprise Application implementation, and IT staffing. 

The Benmar team is comprised of passionate, dedicated professionals who seek to improve the quality and management of the business transformation process of our clients in a range of industries. Benmar is capable of fulfilling staffing requirements for industries such as (mention industries). We have established ourselves as a leader in providing highly scalable, cost-effective workforce solutions to a diverse set of customers across various industries in the United States.

Benmar Group built on the foundation of dedication, honesty, and transparency, which are the biggest assets of any team to work in a collaborative environment.



We are dynamic, enthusiastic and driven.


We build credibility through honesty and integrity.


We seek to leave a positive mark on our clients, our community and our firm.


We believe in the power of working together to achieve success.


We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and our own.