Consulting & Staffing

Benmar group acquires and retains skilled and motivated talent. Our team of specialists understand your business, industry, and culture and find you applicants fast. With Benmar, companies enjoy the benefits of having a dynamic engagement partner looking out for their best interests. Our dedicated team will find the right talent to grow your business.

IV & V Services

We ensure that the software, product, or system meets the essential requirements and pre-determined objectives of our customers. Our verification is used to check that the system or product meets a set of design terms and validation. We provide assurance that a system, product, or service fulfills its pre-determined objectives.

Project Management

Our project management service is led by a team of versatile, highly talented and experienced project management consultants. However, we have led complex projects throughout all phases of the software development life cycle using both Agile and more traditional approaches. Our goal is to replace the traditional customer-supplier paradigm with a paradigm of one team focused on a single mission.

Application Development

Benmar Group look to elevate your capabilities or automate processes, find the right developers can significantly impact the experience for your end user. We satisfies certain specific requirements such as enterprise to SaaS solutions, mobile to desktop, our staff connects with unique developers who are up-to-date on the latest coding languages and user experience best practices.

Application Managed Services

Benmar Group application managers work in IT departments and manage software applications as well as software and systems upgrades. They plan out which software applications are needed for our customers for smooth business operations and supervise the installation and daily maintenance of those applications, as well as the associated network and hardware installations.

Cloud Migrations

Benmar Group provides guidance and planning around strategy, applications, data and infrastructure for the transition to a cloud-enabled hybrid IT environment. We help our customers align business and technical requirements, document key measures of cloud adoption success and create a tailored roadmap to move forward. Our application modernization and rationalization processes help reduce redundancy.

Cyber Security/Technology Audit

Whether you’re looking for a trusted cybersecurity consulting firm to create a roadmap for your internal teams to implement, or you need a full-service solution that starts with a strategy and ends with a fully managed cybersecurity program, Benmar Group is here for you. Using proven strategies and security tools, our cybersecurity consultants identify and implement cutting-edge solutions that support your business goals.

ERP Consulting Services

Our expert team will assist tailor your solution to your unique company by delivering state-of-the-art customizations optimal for your requirements. We help keep your projects on track and guarantee that vital business functionalities adjust with your ERP implementation. Our goal has always been to bring innovation, engagement, and value to our clients that are relevant to their business needs.

WHY Benmar Group?

▪ Rapid implementation methodology for applications 
▪ Extensive Higher Education & Healthcare industry experience. 
▪ 100% referenceable clients. 
▪ Consultants with average 8-10 years of ERP & process experience. 
▪ Collaboration with clients to always jointly manage the project. 
▪ Offers firm dates and milestones once the scope is clearly identified. 
▪ Our consulting philosophy, methodology, project organization, and training are based on knowledge transfer! 
▪ Total cost of the implementation is strategically managed. Low overhead and extremely talented resources are always reducing the TOTAL cost to the client. 
▪ Agile, nimble and flexible!

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