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Our advisory services provide a clear understanding of an organisation’s exposure to cyber attack, and the impact it would have on their business. This enables them to make informed investment decisions and to put pragmatic, costeffective cyber defences in place.

Making your Organization Safer and Secure

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Hackers are good at their job – they study predictable human behavior. Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 100 company, academia, or government agency, you need to train your employees on proper cyber and data security behavior.
  • NINJIO Aware Cybersecurity Training
  • NINJIO HIPAA Aware training

Audit & Assessment

Our Audit and Assessment Services comprising of IT Infrastructure Audit (Network / Servers / Endpoints / Connectivity / Power) for Performance / Security / Scalability, ERP / SW Application Audit for Business Alignment.
  • Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing
  • Digital transformation readiness assessment
  • VFX studio security audit
  • Email phishing simulation

Why You Need Us?


Cloud computing, social media, mobile computing and hyper-connectivity have uncovered numerous new digital business opportunities and enhanced enterprise efficiency. However, this means that businesses expose larger attack surface to cyber-attacks and are now more vulnerable. They must safeguard their assets from prevalent as well as unforeseen risks.
Business leaders in both strategic and operational roles must answer vital questions:
  • Is it possible to combine digital transformation with acceptable risks (i.e. while moving to the Cloud)?
  • How do you transform your current IT security practices to be more data and customer-centric?
  • Are you compliant with security/privacy regulations and corporate policies?
  • Are your website, apps, data centres and data secured at the best cost
  • Are security staff sufficient and trained enough?

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